Who are we ?

This wineyard comes from a vision of past and future combined. One that rests on Georgian amazing wine traditions and the need to have nature friendly crops. Both require time, patience and much knowledge, that’s maybe why they go so well together and have been giving us a beautifully tasting wine.

Georgian ancestral traditions of wine making go back to 8’000 years ago, where the first traces of wine have been recently dated. Each Georgian family produce at least enough wine to be consumed the year round. In this country, wine isn’t just a drink, it’s a way of living.

The possibilities where already there, so when our two funders met, ideas went flowing. Both were upset about the wine industrialization and the loss that is was causing to Georgian nature and traditions. Giorgi provided his knowledge of his country, and Isabelle her tasteful understanding of aromas and nature. Both didn’t know a thing about wineyards, but heart and passion were there.

A demand for funds occurred on Wemakeit, and the money allowed our company to build a marani, a place to burry qvevri and protect them. That was the real beginning: we were then able to grow, process and store grapes and wines, without anyone’s intervention.  The Ruispiri Biodynamic Marani was born!

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Our wineyard is open everyday. Please come by and have a sip of wine ! All our wine is available to degustation. We also propose a complete incursion into georgian culture through meals and a visit of our wineyard.

Please contact us to make a reservation, so we can prepare for your visit.

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