In 2016, 3,000 vines are planted. To be able to process them afterwards, a marani is needed. A marani is a cellar made of amphoras and is quite expensive to make. Each amphora costs 1000$ ! To be able to build a beautiful marani, a crowdfunding is launched on the plateform Wemakeit ! 

Numbers come at our place to enjoy the scenery and the food. Here are some warming pictures of wine and songs.

Right after the harvest, grapes are brought into the new marani to be processed. The juice will then rest in huge qvevri, maturing into wine.

A vineyard needs a lot of attention and care. Here's a story of one day of work in the yard.

We are very proud to announce that our bottles will be presented at ExpoVina in Zürich !

Visit our wineyard !



Our wineyard is open everyday. Please come by and have a sip of wine ! All our wine is available to degustation. We also propose a complete incursion into georgian culture through meals and a visit of our wineyard.

Please contact us to make a reservation, so we can prepare for your visit.

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